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Ash Grove Cement Company is a leader and pioneer in the cement industry. For 137 years, we have provided portland and masonry cements to construct the highways, bridges, commercial and industrial complexes, and single- and multi-family homes fundamental to America's economic vitality and quality of life. In 2018, Ash Grove shipped 8.3 million tons of cement from eight cement plants and its network of terminals located throughout the Midwest, Texas and Western United States. Ash Grove is known for quality, reliability and a commitment to safety.

  • FOUNDED IN 1882

  • 2,700 employees

  • 5th-largest cement producer in U.s.

  • 8 cement plants nationwide

  • 27 cement terminals

  • 2 deep-water import terminals

plant fact sheets:

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Our Four Core Strategies:


Be the Supplier of Choice in the markets we serve.


Be the Low-Cost Producer through production excellence.


Be the Employer of Choice by attracting, developing and retaining talented employees.


Embrace our Corporate Responsibility.





The Beginning

1877 - 1881

In 1877, James H. Barton establishes a lime kiln near Ash Grove, Missouri. W.B. Hill and O.J. Hill joined the enterprise in 1880 and in 1881 Chales W. Goetz financed a $10,000 expansion.

Ash Grove, Missouri


Ash Grove White Lime Association is officially incorporated in Ash Grove, Missouri. The lime is used for construction and sanitary purposes.

Employee Gathering


Early Ash Grove White Lime Association employees gathered along the rails in Ash Grove, Missouri.

Ash Grove, Missouri


Ash Grove main offices moved to the Builders Exchange building in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Eight kilns were operating.

Top Honors


Lime produced at the Ash Grove Springfield plant wins top honors in Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

Company Reorganization


Company reorganized as Ash Grove Lime and Portland Cement Company.

Chanute, Kansas


Ash Grove opens first cement plant in Chanute, Kansas, producing 120,000 tons of cement per year. Today the Chanute plant produces 1,642,500 tons of portland cement each year.

Sunderland moves to Kansas City


L.T. Sunderland moves to Kansas City from Omaha to accept the position of vice president and manager for Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Company.

Elected president

1913 – 1921

L.T. Sunderland elected president of Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Company in 1913, and then elected president of the Portland Cement Association in 1921.

Louisville, Nebraska


Construction is completed on the company’s second cement plant, located in Louisville, Nebraska, producing 240,000 tons of cement per year. Today the Louisville plant produces 1.1 million tons of cement per year.

New Kiln Installation


New kiln installed at Louisville plant, increasing production to 375,000 tons annually.

New Transfer Station Completed


Ash Grove cement transfer station completed in Kansas City, Kansas, to handle truck deliveries.

Modernization and Construction

1963 - 1964

Ash Grove invests in new plant construction in Chanute, Kansas.

Chanute, Kansas — Modernization of Chanute plant increases capacity to 500,000 tons annually.

Rivergate, Oregon — Lime plant constructed to supply calcined lime products to the Pacific Northwest.

First Research Lab


Ash Grove opens its first research lab, located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Company Name Change


Company name shortens to Ash Grove Cement Company.

Louisville Plant Expansion

1971 - 1982

Three-phase modernization of Louisville plant increases production to 1,000,000 tons of cement annually.

Company and Plant Acquisitions


Company acquires Oregon Portland Cement Company in Durkee, Oregon, and Inkom, Idaho, and Quarry in Blubber Bay, British Columbia.

Seattle Plant Acquisition


Seattle, Washington, plant acquired. 790,000 tons of cement per year once recommissioned in 1992.

Foreman Plant Acquisition


Foreman, Arkansas, plant acquired.

Capacity: 1,000,000 tons of cement produced per year.

Ash Grove Packaging


Introduction of packaged products in Arkansas and Mississippi through the acquisition of Arkansas Cement Company.

Montana City Plant Acquisition


Montana City, Montana, plant acquired.

Capacity: 320,000 tons of cement produced per year.

Leamington Plant Acquisition


Ash Grove purchases cement plant in Leamington, Utah.

Capacity: 600,000 tons of cement produced per year.

Seattle, Washington


Expansion and modernization of Seattle, Washington, cement plant.

Capacity: 790,000 tons of cement produced per year.

Midlothian, Texas


50% of North Texas Cement Company (Midlothian, Texas) acquired.

Capacity: 900,000 tons of cement produced per year.

Houston, Texas


North Texas Cement Company builds its first import terminal in Houston. Capacity is 1,000,000 tons in annual throughput.

Lyman-Richey Acquisition


Ash Grove acquires Lyman-Richey Company.

Chanute, Kansas


Chanute, Kansas, plant undergoes major expansion and modernization.

Capacity: 1,642,500 tons of cement produced per year.

Full Ownership of North Texas Cement


Ash Grove takes major stake in Texas and solidifies position as fifth largest U.S. cement producer after taking full ownership of Midlothian, Texas, cement plant.

Ash Grove Headquarters


Ash Grove moves into new headquarters building in Overland Park, Kansas.

Houston Cement Company Created


Houston Cement Company founded in joint venture between Ash Grove Cement, Alamo Cement and Texas Lehigh. New terminal constructed with total venture capacity of 3,000,000 tons of throughput per year.

Portland, Oregon Import Terminal


Company acquires import terminal in Portland adjacent to existing distribution terminal. 1,000,000 tons of throughput per year.

Holliday Sand & Gravel


Ash Grove acquires Holliday Sand & Gravel Company.

Foreman, Arkansas

2009 - 2010

Major plant modernization completed at Foreman, Arkansas, plant.

Capacity: 1,527,500 tons of clinker produced per year.

Certification Achievements


Ash Grove’s entire fleet of eight operating cement plants earn ISO 14001:2004 certification.

Ash Grove Cement Foreman achieves recertification of its wildlife habitat for its “Wildlife at Work” and “Conservation Education Site” designations from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Growth in Aggregates


Ash Grove increases ownership of Johnson County Aggregates from 50% to full ownership.

Modernization and Accolades


Ash Grove’s Midlothian, Texas, plant achieves early compliance with new federal regulatory standards with $150 million modernization.

Ash Grove Cement Foreman achieves recertification of its wildlife habitat for its “Wildlife at Work” and “Conservation Education Site” designations from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Ash Grove Cement Midlothian’s wildlife habitat earns “Corporate Lands of Learning” certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Fort Worth, Texas


Opened Fort Worth, Texas, terminal.



Ash Grove Packaging builds a greenfield plant in Oklahoma City and acquires Central Mortar and Grout in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Holliday Sand & Gravel acquires Haskell Sand in Haskell, Oklahoma. Ash Grove Cement expanding Oklahoma City terminal.

135 years in Business


1882 – 2017 Ash Grove Cement Company celebrates 135 years in business.


Ash Grove Cement is purchased by CRH plc, the largest building materials company in North America and the second largest worldwide.

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Gerald L. Rust
Vice President – Manufacturing Services

Rob T. Hynes
Vice President – Manufacturing, Western Division

Ernest J. Peterson
Vice President – Sales, Midwest Division

Stephen M. Ryan
Vice President & General Counsel

Stuart E. Tomlinson
Vice President – Manufacturing, Midwest Division

J. Randall Vance
President & Chief Executive Officer

James M. Gatens
Vice President – Sales, Texas Division

Curtis D. Lesslie
Vice President – Environmental Affairs

David G. Meyer
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

 Michael B. Wood
Vice President – Sales, Western Division


ABOUT US      |      HERITAGE      |       PHILANTHROPY


Family of Companies.

Ash Grove Cement Company and its subsidiaries operate in more than 60 locations throughout the United States.



Lyman-Richey Corporation is based in Omaha, Nebraska and supplies ready-mixed concrete, sand, gravel and related construction materials through its operating companies to customers in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Colorado.


Ash Grove Packaging is a supplier of packaged concrete mix, cement, mortar, stucco and other related construction products through its facilities in Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Utah, with headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Ash Grove Packaging operates nine plants, including a recently acquired plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Houston Cement Company

houston cement company

Houston Cement Company, L.P., a partnership with Alamo Cement Company and Texas Lehigh Cement Company, supplies the Houston market with cement imported from around the world.


Ash Grove Aggregates is a multi-location limestone producer with quarries in Kansas and Missouri, serving the Southwest Missouri and La Cygne, Kansas, markets. Their mission is to be the producer of choice in the crushed stone industry.


FORDYCE concrete coMPANY, inc.

Fordyce Concrete supplies ready-mixed concrete to the Kansas City area, specializing in complex, high-volume, paving and structural-specific projects. 



Century Concrete supplies ready-mixed concrete to the Greater Kansas City area, through four strategically placed plants located in Kansas and Missouri.



In business since 1943, Holliday Sand & Gravel supplies construction aggregates to the Kansas City and Tulsa markets.


johnson county aggregates

Johnson County Aggregates, located in Olathe, Kansas, supplies crushed limestone to the commercial ready-mix, asphalt and construction markets in the greater Kansas City metro.


phenix marble company

In 2016, more than 100 years after the quarry was opened and around 75 years after its heyday as a marble producer, Phenix Marble Company is once again quarrying new material and processing it into slab. Phenix Marble is a subsidiary of Conco. 


ash grove resources, LLC

Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C.  supplies cement and cement kiln dust to the soil stabilization industry in the Midwest and Texas.


Conco companies

As an industry leader, Conco Companies will provide the highest level of professional service, product quality, and a rewarding work environment to ensure maximum value to every customer.


Material Transport Co

Material Transport Company specializes in the hauling of sand, rock and cement. Deliveries are tailored to customer needs through the use of dump trucks, end dump trailers and tankers. Serving the greater Kansas City area.



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Ash Grove Charitable Foundation.

Durkee, Oregon

Durkee, Oregon

Our roots run deep.

The Ash Grove Charitable Foundation makes grants annually to support the work of public charities with tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the geographical markets that we serve.

As the fifth largest cement company in the United States and one of the oldest still in operation, Ash Grove plays an important part in the foundation and infrastructure of our country. And with eight plants from the Midwest heartland to the South to the shores of the Pacific, being a good neighbor in the communities in which we live and serve is a priority and part of our DNA.

Ash Grove territory is a lot of ground to cover. We believe in active participation to improve the existing and future quality of life in the communities we serve. This participation includes financial support to charitable activities. We aren’t just focused on building highways and buildings – we are also helping to build better communities.

We're honored to be part of the communities in which our employees live and work. In 2018, the Ash Grove Charitable Foundation donated approximately $650,000 to more than 100 public charities.


ABOUT US      |      HERITAGE      |      LEADERSHIP